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SX1Mini+ (MSX2+ FPGA)

SX1Mini+ (MSX2+ FPGA)

This product takes about 6 weeks to be assembled, tested and ready for shipping. 


FPGA board MSX2+ compatible. Small footprint (14x13 cm aprox.)


Attention! Does not include micro-USB power supply, SD memory card nor any cartridges!


    The SX-1 Mini+ is a MSX FPGA compatible 100% with the MSX2+ standard. It features VGA/RGB out, composite video out (NTSC), stereo audio output, PS/2 keyboard input, 2 DB9 joystick ports, SD card slot and 2 cartridge slots and internal WiFi module. The unit has a small form factor, about 130x140 mm, and it comes in a 3D printed case.

    Internally, the SX-1 Mini+ also features SCC+ sound, FM sound, selectable 2 or 4 Mb RAM mapper, and turbo mode (5,37mhz/8,06mhz). Each cartridge slot can be also configured as internal MegaSCC+.

    You can connect almost any PS/2 keyboard and MSX compatible joysticks (DB9). The unit also includes a SD slot that can be used as mass storage device through BASIC or MSXDOS command line.



    • Altera Cyclone EP1C12Q240 FPGA
    • 32Mb SRAM
    • KdL OCM firmware compatible (ver. 3.9 and up)
    • 2x standard MSX Cartridge Slot Connectors 
    • 1x microSD Card Slot 
    • D-Sub 15 VGA/RGB video output
    • RCA composite video output (NTSC)
    • Internal ESP-01 WiFi module (Requires SD-BIOS)
    • 3.5mm jack stereo audio output. Switchable tape input
    • PS2 keyboard port
    • 2x DB9 joystick port
    • MIDI out (joystick port 2)
    • Micro-USB connector for power supply
    • Fully assembled in a 3D printed case


    Disclosure: Because the way video signal is generated the image could present light vertical bars across the screen, depending on the monitor and selected video output. This behaviour is most noticeable on flat panel monitors receiving RGB/composite signal.

    Power supply and power cable are not included. Unit requires at least 1.5 Amps output, high quality power supply and shielded USB power cable. 3D printed cases might show imperfections


    In order to get a replacement or refund defective units must first be returned. Once the item has been inspected we will proceed to replace the unit or refund the payment. Items that have been damaged by careless/unadecuated use or modifyied by the buyer in any way will not be elegible for replace or refund of any kind. 


    The unit ships with the lastest stable firmware/core available. Notice that if you accidentally brick the unit by wrongly updating/downgrading the firmware/core, we do not give tech support for the reflashing process. If you want to keep your board under warranty you should send it back to us for review/reflashing.

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