TZXDuino 2.0 (cased)

TZXDuino 2.0 (cased)

The TZXDuino read .TZX and .TAP files directly from the SD card and play them just like a real tape. You can load all your favourite games through the EAR input on your Spectrum. The TZXDuino can also play Amstrad CPC's .CDT files and ZX81's .P and .O files.


Now shipping with Maxduino firmware by rcmolina.


This is a new version board and comes with a 3D printed case.


Attention: Only cases printed on semi-translucent PLA is available

  • Tech Specs

    • ATMEGA 328 on-board
    • OLED 64x128 Screen
    • 3D printed case
    • Full size SD slot
    • 3,5mm audio output jack, 2.5mm remote jack.
    • Micro USB power connector
    • Internal ISP header for reprogramming
    • Miniaturized size (about 70x60mm)


    Attention! Does not includes USB cable. 3D printed cases might show inperfections.


    In order to get a replacement or refund defective units must first be returned. Once the item has been inspected we will proceed to replace the unit or refund the payment. Items that have been damaged by careless/unadecuated use or modifyied by the buyer in any way will not be elegible for replace or refund of any kind.