Stand-alone FPGA Retro-Computer. Fits in the original ZX Spectrum 48K/48K+ cases. Features on-board keyboard membrane connectors, 2MB SRAM, 16MB Flash memory. 


External expansion board available under the "Accessories" section.



    The ZX-UNO its a complete stand-alone retrocomputer based on a FPGA. It can mimic the behavior of various 8 bit classic computers and game consoles.

    The ZX-UNO is designed to run mainly as Sinclair ZX Spectrum machines (48K/128K/+2a) with DivMMC support (MMC/SD/SDHC storage), ULA+ (multi-color, high resolution graphics), turbo sound (double AY chip), among other things. Nontheless It also can run as many other retrocomputers and consoles like the Sam Coupe, Jupiter ACE, Apple II, VIC 20, Sega Master System, NES, Atari2600, Atari 800XL, MSX1, C64 and a few more


    This product is build upon the amazing work done by the ZX-UNO TEAM. This version is designed to be fitted inside the original ZX Spectrum 48K/48K+ cases (or the recently available replicas by Retroradionics). Features membrane connectors on-board to let you use your ZX rubber keyboard. Functions like NMI, RESET, screen mode switch, etc are accessible through keyboard shorcuts. We also offer an expansion board for external DB9 Joystick, VGA and PS2 keyboard connectors.


    DB9 joystick and PS2 connectors can also be soldered on the main board but you would have to cut holes on your case for access these. 


    Attention! ZX Spectrum cases/membranes/faceplates/rubber-pads are not included!


    This product is under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike Licence:



    The ZX-UNO hardware, software, logo and concept have been created by the ZX-UNO TEAM: Superfo, AVillena, McLeod, Quest, Hark0. 


    Membrane keyboard controller code by Spark2k06, based on code by Quest and neuro_999.  


    Schematics and PCB sources available here:



    • 100% compatible with official ZX-UNO 4.1
    • Xilinx Spartan XC6SLX9 FPGA
    • 512KB SRAM 
    • 16MB Flash memory (up to 45 simultaneous cores in memory)
    • Fits into ZX Spectrum 48K/48K+ cases.
    • On-board Spectrum 48k membrane keyboard connectors. It can use original ZX spectrum keyboard as input device. Simultaneous keyboard handling (membrane and PS/2)
    • PS/2 keyboard connector
    • x1 microSD socket 
    • Composite video RCA output
    • RGB output connector (Mini-DIN 9, Sega Megadrive 2 compatible). Configurable RGB output gain via jumper
    • Stereo audio output and tape input jacks
    • DC power jack connector. Supports 7v to 28v (9v to 12v recommended) power supplies, any polarity 
    • Configurable RESET/NMI tactile push button
    • POWER ON/OFF tactile push button
    • External expansion board for Joystick, VGA, PS2 keyboard and ZXUNO addons
    • Available Home Systems Cores: ZX Spectrum, CPC464, BBC Micro, Acorn Atom, Acorn Electron, Apple II (VGA), Atari 800XL, Atari 2600, ColecoVision, Commodore VIC-20, Commodore PET, Jupiter ACE, MSX1, Nintendo NES (VGA), Oric Atmos, SAM Coupe, Sega Master System, Commodore C64, Commodore Plus4, ZX81, PC/XT
    • Available Arcade Cores: Pacman, Galaxian, Frogger, Space Invaders, Scramble, Mr. Do, Pengo, Black Hole

    (Not all the cores are 100% functional, some are in beta stage, some are work in progress)



    In order to get a replacement or refund defective units must first be returned. Once the item has been inspected we will proceed to replace the unit or refund the payment. Items that have been damaged by careless/unadecuated use or modifyied by the buyer in any way will not be elegible for replace or refund of any kind. 


    The unit ships with the lastest stable firmware available. Notice that if you accidentally brick the unit by wrongly updating/downgrading the firmware/cores, we do not give tech support for the reflashing process. If you want to keep your board under warranty you should send it back to us for review/reflashing.