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Mar 31, 2018

New Carnivore2 Batch!


Many of you have been asking and waiting for the new batch of Carnivore2 cartridges. We are glad to tell you that it will be ready soon! It has taken longer than spected but we are very close to have them ready. As usual we will send out a newsletter when it becomes available.

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  • 8bits4ever
    Dec 24, 2017

    We are currently testing the boards with different cartridges to ensure there are no problems whatsoever. There has been a little setback with the DC-DC converter boards (to get +/-12v on the cartridge ports). The DC-DC boards we made had a design mistake so we had to re-order them. This will delay a bit the availability of the Zemmix (about 10 days delay). We expect to have some boards available by the 2nd week of January 2018. Update 02/01/2018: As someone suggested us, we are considering making the Zemmix cases with silicone moulding and casting. We are currently looking for someone to make the molds and researching what material would be the best to cast the case parts. First units will still be sold with regular 3d printed cases though. Update 08/01/2018: We are slowly getting there! Update 14/01/2018: Stencils arrived!