ZXMMC + 3e ROM Set

ZXMMC + 3e ROM Set

SKU: zxmmc

Internal MMC/SD/SDHC interface for ZX Spectrum Computers. ONLY Compatible +2a/b (black case) and +3. Includes +3e 1.43 ROM set (two ROM preprogramed ROM chips)


    The ZXMMC interface together with the +3e ROMS, provides the Spectrum +2a-b/+3 with the ablility to use MMC/SD/SDHC cards as mass storage media directly from the Spectrum's BASIC. Its operation is basically the same as the 8-bit IDE interface with the adventage the ZXMMC uses all storage media capacity (16 bit addressing). Also, its reduced form factor helps for a easy and clean installation without cables or soldering.

    The ZXMMC Rev.6 features one push-push micro-sd slot. It is possible to use any arduino SD module as a second SD unit, giving the ability to use two SD cards simultaneously (up to 4gb max per card).


    Z80 CPU and activity LED not included!


    • Compatible with ZX Spectrum +2a/b (black) and +3 (FDD)
    • x1 micro SD slot
    • Pin header for external SD slot 
    • Supports MMC/SD/SDHC memory cards
    • Configurable storage unit ID (0, 1)
    • 100% compatible with official +3e ROM set


    Attention, requires +3e ROM set to be installed in the computer.


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