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YM2413 FM SOUND Interface for MSX Computers. Compatible with PANA Amusement Cartridge.



    The FM_PAK its a sound add-on compatible with the Pana-Amusement-Cartridge which provides the MSX with FM-synthesis capabilities.   

    Theres many games that already have embedded support for this cartridge: R-Type, Aleste Gaiden just to name a couple. This games will detect the compatible cartridge and play enhanced soundtrack, much more rich sounding than the original ones.

    The cartridge also provides with new BASIC commands to program the chip. This will allow you to create your own FM tunes on your MSX.

    This cartridge is not compatible with our FDC-600 floppy interface.

    Professionally made WHITE or BLACK cartridge case


    • For MSX1 and MSX2 machines
    • Yamaha YM-2413 FM chip
    • Audio jack output (autoswitchable audio source)
    • Compatible w/ Pana-Amusement-Cartridge
    • BASIC extension ROM for FM programming


    Attention, this product is not compatible with our -600 Floppy Drive Controller or the Emu-FDC drive emulator.



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