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MSX-Blaster OPL4 - 2MB

MSX-Blaster OPL4 - 2MB

Attention: This product takes about 6 weeks to be assembled, tested and ready to ship


Yamaha YMF278 OPL4 FM/Wave for MSX Computers. Compatible with MoonSound.


New version with 2MB RAM for Samples!! Includes improved high signal noise ratio output circuit.


    The MSXBlaster cartridge is based on the Wozblaster, originally made by Gustavo Iriarte and later reworked by Eugeny Brychov. Unlike the Wozblaster, the MSXBlaster runs with a CPLD chip, thus reducing heat and power consumption. The MSXBlaster can output its audio signal through the MSX audio output (mono) and alternatively through an stereo line-out 3,5mm jack. Furthermore, from revision 2.5 on it includes a high signal-to-noise ratio circuit fix for better audio output.

    For best audio quality use the jack line-out!

    The MSXBlaster features 2MB SRAM to load user samples and 2MB Yamaha YRW801-M General MIDI on board ROM containing 330 mono factory samples.



    • Yamaha YMF278B sound chip
    • 100% Compatible with MoonSound Software 
    • 2MB Sample ROM
    • 2MB User Sample RAM
    • 3,5mm Stereo Line-Out Jack
    • 100% OPL1/OPL2/OPL3 compatible (note: the MSX-AUDIO is also OPL1 compatible, so MSX-AUDIO software that doesn't use the MSX-AUDIO ADPCM port can be used on the OPL4)
    • Wave table part: 24 PCM channels (stereo: adjustable in 16 steps for each channel; replay frequency up to 44.1kHz)
    • Replay of 8-bit, 12-bit or 16-bit data
    • FM synthesizer: 18 2-operator FM channels, 15 2-operator FM channels + 5 FM drums, 6 4-operator FM channels + 6 2-operator FM channels, 6 4-operator FM channels + 3 2-operator FM channels + 5 FM drums.
    • Compatibility with the General MIDI standard (128 melody sounds and 47 percussion sounds)



    In order to get a replacement or refund defective units must first be returned. Once the item has been inspected we will proceed to replace the unit or refund the payment. Items that have been damaged by careless/unadecuated use or modifyied by the buyer in any way will not be elegible for replace or refund of any kind. 

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