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MSX Megamapper Gerber Files

MSX Megamapper Gerber Files

Gerber files to produce the MegaMapper cartridge. Includes partlist file.


Attention: we do not provide any support for producing these boards. You need to have experience reading and understanding the BOM, soldering, etc.


    The MEGA MAPPER expands the RAM memory on your MSX.

    This will enable you to use software like MSXDOS2 or NEXTOR in machines with less than 128K RAM. 

    The cartridge comes in 1024K, 2048K and 4096K configurations.


    MSX1 computers might need to manually initialize the mapper from basic before it can be used. This is not necessary when using it in combination with MSXDOS2 as MSXDOS2 will initialize the mapper by itself.

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