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SKU: sd512

MMC/SD/SDHC Storage, 512KB RAM Mapper, MEGARAM for MSX Computers



    The SD-512 Interface allows your MSX to use up to two SD cards (up to 4GB) as a mass storage media. It can accommodate one full size SD card and a micro-SD card.

    It features 512KB RAM on-board which can be used as a MEMORY MAPPER (RAM expansion) or as MEGA-RAM (to load ROM games on it).

    The cartdrige uses the NEXTOR kernel to access the storage media. It supports FAT12 and FAT16 partitions.

    It is compatible with all MSX models. Machines with less than 128k will need the 512KB on-board RAM ACTIVE and the MAPPER function selected, otherwise the interface will work in MSXDOS1 mode with limited functionality.

    This product is based on the SDMapper project by Flavio Belavenuto: https://github.com/fbelavenuto/msxsdmapper



    • For MSX1, MSX2, MSX2+ and TurboR machines
    • 512KB RAM configurable as RAM mapper or MegaRAM
    • Switchable RAM (ON/OFF)
    • x2 SD Sockets (1x full size, x1 microSD)
    • Runs NEXTOR DOS

    Attention! This cartridge is not compatible with the Mitsubishi ML-G1 and the Sanyo MPC-100 machines


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