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DivMMCx2 (rev.3)

SKU: divmmc
MMC/SD/SDHC Storage Interface for ZX Spectrum Computers. Compatible with 16/48k Rubber, 48k+, 128k Toastrack (english model), +2 (grey case), +2a/b (black case) and +3.

Bootable SD Cards available at our shop (under ACCESSORIES).

    The DivMMC has become already the standard mass storage device for ZX Spectrum computers. Driven by esxDOS operative system, this interface brings all the functionalities from the well known DivIDE interface, with the advantage of using MMC/SD/SDHC cards natively.

    With the NMI function you can browse through the files stored on the SD card and load any game in seconds. EsxDOS also brings BASIC extended commands with read/write access to the storage media.

    In combination with the +3e ROMs the DivMMC can also work as a ZXMMC. With these roms installed, you are able to access the SD card from within the +3e basic using the regular +3DOS disk commands.

    We offer a case to go with the interface. Because the case is 3D-printed it can show imperfections but its very robust and it will protect the interface very well.


    • 512k RAM, 8k ROM.
    • x2 SD Socket (x1 full size, x1 microSD)
    • ESXDOS compatible.
    • Kempston joystick compatible port.
    • ZX Spectrum +2a/b/+3 mode selector switch, ZX Spectrum 128 (toastrack) mode selector switch.
    • NMI push button, RESET push button.


    Attention! Not compatible with ZX Spectum128 Toastrack spanish version. The computer needs internal modifications to work with the DivMMC.


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