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MiSS FPGA EP4CE22 Module

MiSS FPGA EP4CE22 Module

This product takes about 4-5 weeks to get build, tested and ready to ship


Does not includes MiSS IO board!


Cyclone IV EP4CE22F17 FPGA module to be used with our MiSS FPGA IO boards:



    Used in conjuntion with IO board, uses MiST FPGA firmware and run MiST cores. Most notably, Amiga (OCS, ECS, AGA), Atari ST/STE/Mega, MSX2+, Sega Megradrive, NeoGeo, SNES, PCEngineCD, Commodore 64, ZX Spectrum, Amstrad CPC, Atari 800, Sega Master System, among many others cores.

    Caution, this core board is not directly compatible with MiST binaries. We provide our own compiled binaries for it.


    Available Cores

    Computers: Amiga, Amstrad CPC, Apple I, Apple IIe, Acorn Archimedes, Atari 800, Atari ST, BBC Micro, Commodore C16/C64, Camputer Lynx, CoCo, Elan Enterprise, Laser 500, MSX 1/2, Mattel Aquarius, PCXT, Oric, Commodore PET, Macintosh Plus, Sinclair QL, Sam Coupe, TI99 4A, Commodore VIC20, ZX Spectrum, ZX 81

    Consoles: Atari 2600/5200/7800, Astrocade, Colecovision, Gameboy, Genesis/Megadrive, PC Engine, Master System, NES, NeoGeo, SNES, Videopac, Vertrex

    Arcades: Too many to list....


    Features 64Mb RAM to take adventage of latest cores development (Minimig, NeoGeo, etc)


    •  EP3C25E144 
    • 64 MB SDRAM.
    • Compatible with our MiSS IO Board series ONLY


    Attention! IO board sold separately!


    In order to get a replacement or refund defective units must first be returned. Once the item has been inspected we will proceed to replace the unit or refund the payment. Items that have been damaged by careless/unadecuated use or modifyied by the buyer in any way will not be elegible for replace or refund of any kind. 


    The unit ships with the lastest firmware available. Notice that if you accidentally brick the unit by wrongly updating/downgrading the firmware, we do not give tech support for the reflashing process. This process is documented in detail in the MiST repository. If you want to keep your board under warranty you should send it back to us for review/reflashing.

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